DORIS HOMEの公式サイトでご予約された際、誕生日に宿泊と明記していただければ、小さなバースデーギフトを贈呈します。(到着時に誕生日を確認できる書類をご提示ください。)



  • 日月作物「老欉紅茶」ティーパックギフト10パック入り 125元相当
  • DORIS HOME「日月潭デザインDIYペーパークラフト地球儀」150元相当




















Stay 10 nights get 1 night free!


Now use our office website to book DORIS HOME and If you stay one night, you can get 1 point on LINE APP.

When you gather 10 points, you can get one night free to check in our Kitten Room on weekday.


 How to get the point:

  •  Use our official website to book a night in DORIS HOME, use LINE APP to scan our QRcode when you check in and you could get one point. Gather 10 points and you could book one night with Kitten Room on weekday for free.
  •  There is no limited time with LINE APP points.
  •  You could get only one point with one room. If you book 4 rooms on the same day, you could get 4 points.

 Other rules:

  •  You could only use our official website to get the points, not other booking website.
  •  You could only get the point when you check in. You can't get the point with email or phone call if you have already left our house.
  •  DORIS HOME hasn't recorded any LINE APP points for you. Please keep your points safe. If LINE APP stops their service one day, please use your coupon before it.
  •  Weekday defined: Sunday to Thursday. The coupon could not be used on weekend including Friday, Saturday, National holidays and the night before the national holidays.
  •  You could pay for upgrading your room type when you use the coupon if the rooms are available.
  •  You can only use you coupon when your cell phone is next to you. You can't use your coupon by video, copy or webcam call.
  •  We reserve the rights to change some features and specifications without further notice.